Medical/Scientific/Legal interpreting

Medical/scientific/legal interpreting deals with subjects related to their respective themes. Interpreters working in these areas therefore need to know the terminology of the field as well as the language they’re working from.

Medical/scientific interpreting

Medical interpreting services are required in circumstances such as conventions, refresher courses on medical topics etc. As this type of interpreting service may touch upon delicate issues, it’s essential that the person providing the interpretation has the necessary skills and experience. Traduco Srl also provides interpreting services for events in related scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine etc.

The type of interpreting service can be simultaneous or consecutive, depending on the number of people present, the available equipment, the venue (law firm, court etc.) and the legal circumstances etc.
Our medical/scientific/legal interpreting services comply with UNI 10574:2007 standard.

Legal interpreting

Legal interpreting is performed by a professional interpreter in trials or other legal proceedings, and typically occurs in law courts, legal practices and notary’s offices. There is no margin for error in this kind of interpreting and precision is of the essence. The interpreter therefore requires an excellent command of the source and target languages and extensive experience in the legal field if he/she is to translate the legal terminology swiftly and accurately. Traduco Srl can offer extensive input on the selection of the interpreter that’s right for each situation and requirement.